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Gamescom Tips for Exhibitors A-Z, from Parking to Store

July 9, 2024

Gamescom Tips for Exhibitors A-Z, from Parking to Store


Essential Tips from a Gamescom Agency

Gamescom Tip 1: Entrance for Exhibitors

If you have received your Gamescom ticket via email, it’s a good idea to save the ticket image on your phone. When entering the exhibition hall, note that the entrances for exhibitors and visitors are different. Show your mobile ticket to the staff and enter through the exhibitor line (EXH line).
The visitor entrance line can be extremely long. 👯👯👯👯👯

Once inside the venue, you’ll see a scanner for QR codes, similar to a subway turnstile. If you arrive before the official opening time, use the far-left lane designated for exhibitors. Simply tag your mobile ticket’s QR code at the scanner, and your ticket will be printed, allowing you to enter immediately.

gamescom tips for exhibitors_ticket EXH and entrance
You can see ‘EXH’ on your ticket if you are an exhibitor.


Gamescom Tip 2: Prepare a Name Tag Case


Gamescom provides only a lanyard but does not include a name tag case. If you attach the paper ticket directly to the lanyard and wear it around, it can quickly become tattered and torn as you walk around the exhibition. Be prepared to bring a name tag case in advance, keeping your ticket intact!

Gamescom name tag case by agency
Prepare a name tag case!


Gamescom Tip 3: Parking

During Gamescom, when exhibitors and visitors flock to the event, finding parking can become quite a challenge. There are several parking lots around the exhibition center, and purchasing a parking ticket in advance can save you a lot of time and hassle. Simply place the ticket on your vehicle’s dashboard, and the parking attendants will check and guide you accordingly.

  • How to Apply: Visit the Gamescom official site and navigate to the Service Shop
  • Parking Fee: If you apply in advance, the total cost for the entire Gamescom period (5 days) is 41 euros. (excl.VAT)
  • Without Advance Application: The daily rate is 20 euros (2023).
  • Construction Period: Free parking.
  • Ticket Receipt: Tickets will be sent by mail from the administrative office.

The parking permit is only valid in original form; copies or photos are not permitted.

Gamescom parking permit incl. trade visitors and media day
Gamescom Parking Permit

The ticket will indicate ‘P21,’ which denotes the specific parking area. After checking the location on the map on the back of the ticket, you can only park in the designated area. The administrative office assigns locations close to the halls for convenience.

Gamescom parking ticket by agency
Gamescom Parking Ticket


Gamescom Tip 4: Closest Store

Last year, we were in charge of BMW’s exhibition marketing at Gamescom. On the first day of the event, we prepared some wine and snacks, understanding the local game show culture and proposing the idea to BMW. The enjoyable gathering served as the launch signal for introducing the AirConsole gaming platform featured in the new BMW i5.

If you suddenly need a wine opener🍷 or additional snacks🍪, head to Lidl, a German grocery chain located just a 5-minute walk from the exhibition center. Most items you might need but can’t find within the venue can be quickly sourced from Lidl, making it a practical stop for event organizers.

Closest store Lidl near Gamescom by agency
How to go to the Lidl store from the exhibition hall

Google Maps

Gamescom Tip 5: Are You Looking for an Iced Americano?

In Europe, it can be challenging to find an iced americano unless you’re at Starbucks. Europeans typically enjoy the pure taste of coffee, so an espresso diluted with water is considered a foreign drink, and “iced” versions are even rarer.

The same holds true in Cologne, where most large restaurants only serve hot coffee. However, there is one exception! You can find iced americano from a self-service coffee machine. 😉

At the entrance between Hall 8 and Halls 6 and 7, you’ll spot a restaurant where Gamescom operates a self-service coffee machine. An iced americano is so popular that it’s often sold out before 3PM. Although it’s not the quickest machine, and there might be a wait, every minute counts. So, be sure to place your order early!

iced americano coffee machine around the entrance Hall 8 by Gamescom agency
Coffee machine around the entrance Hall 8

We look forward to another exciting and successful Gamescom this year!

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Gamescom tips for exhibitors by Gamescom agency, a guy picking up a merch bag at the front
2023 ASTRA Booth at Gamescom

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