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Game Booth Ideas for Successful Gaming Conventions

June 25, 2024

Game Booth Ideas for Successful Gaming Conventions

Game booth ideas image


Gaming conventions offer developers and publishers a prime opportunity to showcase their products, engage with fans, and build a loyal community. This article explores various game booth ideas focusing on interactive events, cosplay, integrated IPs, user experience, and technology to create a memorable and successful presence.

Game Booth Ideas 1)

Creating successful game booths involves hosting a variety of events that engage attendees and connect them with the game IPs. Attendees can enjoy instagrammable moments throughout the event with the photo booth, cosplay zone, and giant game character displays.

Successful Events for Game Booth

  • • Tournaments
  • • Autograph Sessions
  • • Inviting Streamers
  • • Lucky Draw
  • • Developer Meet and Greets
  • • Photo Booth
interesting events in gaming booth like live streaming, autograph session

Enjoyable experiences throughout these events can increase user retention time at the booth.

Game Booth Ideas 2)

Detailed Design for Cosplay

High-quality cosplay that accurately represents game characters is crucial. Focus on authentic accessories, accurate costumes, and detailed hair and makeup to replicate in-game characters.

Audition for Cosplay Model

Select models who not only resemble the characters but also understand and convey their personalities. Assess character understanding, performance skills, and the ability to match the character’s appearance and demeanor.

Game Booth Ideas for Successful Gaming Convention cosplay_azamiyuko_TERBIS


Game Booth Ideas 3)
Integrated IPs

Well Integrated IPs

Maintaining a cohesive brand identity across different games is essential for game publishers. Despite the variety in genres, themes, and characters, it’s important to ensure all games are aligned with the publisher’s branding.

Unified Messaging

Ensure that promotional materials and communications reflect the publisher’s overall brand message and values, using consistent visual elements like logos and color schemes.

Zone Planning

Effective zone planning enhances attendee experience and optimizes space by guiding smooth attendee movement through the booth and ensures easy access to different areas.

Different Styles for Different Hardware

Design each zone to showcase the specific hardware, such as high-end PC setups for desktop gaming, casual setups for mobile gaming, and immersive lounge areas for console gaming.

Integrated IPs G-STAR WEBZEN The Eminence in Shadow: Master of Garden Booth Design
The Eminence in Shadow: Master of Garden Booth Design

Game Booth Ideas 4)
User Experience

Brining the Game to Life

Enhancing user experience involves creating a booth that replicates the real game environment, allowing attendees to feel as if they are inside the game. This can be achieved by transforming the digital experience into a physical one.

For example, EA SPORTS is an online soccer game. We created an entrance tunnel similar to the one the players use to access the field. It is complete with realistic sounds like cheering, grass, and flags, to maximize the user experience.

Game Booth Ideas for Successful Gaming Conventions user experience EASPORTS entrance tunnel


Game Booth Ideas 5)

Blockchain-based NFT

Showcase the integration of NFT technology in games, allowing attendees to test new tools and technologies. Highlight successful NFT implementations and provide interactive workshops on creating and managing NFTs.

WEMADE 2022 GDC B2B layered 3 rings hanging blue light and round style booth with LED screen


Expanding Platforms: From Traditional to Automotive

In recent times, the concept of ‘infotainment’ has gained popularity, referring to the enjoyment of various entertainment options within a vehicle. Game platforms are evolving beyond traditional hardware like PCs, mobile devices, and consoles, and are now integrating into automotive systems.

Game Ideas 2 Women Playing the Airconsole Game in the Car of BMW Gamescom Booth
Playing the Airconsole Game

Game Ideas Airconsole System on the installed screen inside of the car for BMW Gamescom Booth and Experience Marketing
Airconsole System

👉 BMW Gamescom Booth

For Successful Gaming Conventions

By implementing these ideas, you can attract a large audience, provide memorable experiences, and build a strong community around your game. Careful planning and execution can make your game booth a highlight of any gaming convention, leaving a lasting impression on attendees and fostering long-term engagement with your game and brand.

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